Our yard carries several types of hardwood mulch. Every type is produced in our yard except for the Playground Mulch and Red Mulch. Please feel free to visit our yard to see the mulch you are interested in up close! PLEASE NOTE: The mulch pictured below may not look exactly the same as it does in person.

Herman's Double-Shredded Black Mulch

double black

Triple-Shredded Black Mulch

triple black 2

Herman's Double-Shredded Brown Mulch

double brown

Herman's Mulch


Triple-Shredded Red Mulch


Playground Mulch


Canadian Cedar Mulch **NEW**

Canadian Cedar Mulch is made from 100% virgin cedar wood. Cedar Mulch decomposes slowly, adding nutrients to the soil after time and thus requiring less replenishment.

Tips on Using Color Enhanced Mulch

Although color-enhanced mulch gives off an area a vibrant and beautiful color, we suggest you consider these tips for installation:

1.) Be mindful of the weather. Color-enhanced mulch should never be spread within 48 hours of an anticipated rainfall.
2.) Never spread mulch when it is raining- color is locked into the wood fiber through drying.
3.) We encourage you to lightly rake the surface of your mulch mid-season to revive the color intensity. This will help ensure vivid color all season long.