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Mulch, Soil and Compost

Herman's Landscape Supply provides Mulch, Living Topsoil, Finished Compost and Garden Soil in South Jersey.


Sterile soil will yield a sterile landscape, so at Herman's we only offer "Living Topsoil". Good quality topsoil consists of sand, silt, clay and organic matter. All of our topsoil is screened, aerated, and mixed with 100% Leaf Compost to 3/8" size, to ensure proper organics and texture, and proper pH balance to meet NJDOT specifications.

Topsoil & Mulch Supplier in South Jersey


Finished compost is a versatile material that can be applied freely any time of year. For most garden applications, use compost that is well finished, and aged long enough so the application process has stabilized. Spread compost when establishing new seedlings.

Compost Supplier in South Jersey

Garden Soil

Herman's Garden Soil contains 50% compost and 50% topsoil, making material that is high in nutrients while maintaining a dense, hearty composition. This soil is screened together to ensure a proper mixture. It's perfect for vegetable gardens or any area that requires a hearty soil with an extra boost of nutrients.

Garden Soil Supplier in South Jersey

Hardwood Mulch

Quality mulch consists of hardwood bark, aged for color, screened for size, and then hammer-milled for texture. Herman's Hardwood Mulch is specifically designed to hold down weed growth and cover areas with a minimum amount of shrinkage and loss of color.

We carry Herman's Double-Shredded Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, and Non-Dyed Regular Mulch, as well as Triple-Shredded Black, Red, and Playground Mulch.

Tips for Colored Enhanced Mulch

Although color-enhanced mulch gives off an array of vibrant and beautiful color, we suggest the following tips for proper installation:

Topsoil Landscape Supply South Jersey Mulch Landscape Supply South Jersey

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