High-Quality Recycled Concrete & Asphalt

Our New Jersey Certified Class B Recycling Yard accepts many materials for disposal. Please see the list of materials at the bottom of the page and their restrictions.

Concrete & Asphalt Made from Recycled Materials

Incorporate recycled concrete or asphalt into your next project. Both materials are ideal for creating a compacted base.

  • Crushed & Oversized Crushed Concrete: Recycled concrete is gaining importance in the construction materials industry because of its ecological benefits. It is made by breaking and removing steel and other debris, and crushing existing concrete into a specific size and quality. Using RCA (Recycled Concrete Aggregate)reduces our need for natural resources and keeps these products out of landfills. RCA produced from concrete is expected to pass the testing requirements of natural aggregates.
  • Recycled Asphalt: Recycled asphalt is produced using the same methods as concrete. Both materials are produced to meet gradation requirements.

Materials We Accept for Disposal:

We accept the following materials for disposal at our Recycling Facility:
  • Clean Concrete (Clean with No Wire)
  • Concrete (Has Wire, Metal, Rebar, Pavers)
  • Asphalt
  • Mixed Loads (Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, & Blocks)
  • Concrete Pipes (Concrete Washout)
  • Ceramic & Porcelain
  • Stumps & Brush (Tree Parts & Woodchips)
  • Untreated Wood (CANNOT Be Painted or Pressure Treated)
  • Leaves
  • Clean Fill Dirt
  • Sod & Topsoil Mixes
  • Mixed Vegetation (Mix of Grass, Fill, Leaves, Brush, & Old Mulch)
Please Call For Current Pricing. Prices Subject To Change.