Natural Topsoil & Compost

All Natural, 100% Leaf Compost

Pound for pound, the leaves of most trees contain twice as many minerals as manure. For example, the mineral content of a sugar maple leaf is over five percent, while even common pine needles have 2.5 percent of their weight in calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and phosphorus, plus other trace elements.

Since most trees are deep-rooted, they absorb minerals from deep in the soil and a good portion of these minerals go into the leaves.

Actually, these multi-colored gifts from above are most valuable for the large amounts of fibrous organic matter they supply. Their humus-building qualities mean improved structure for all soil types. They aerate heavy clay soils, prevent sandy soils from drying out too fast, soak up rain and check evaporation.
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Topsoil - It's Not Just Dirt

Topsoil consist of rock particles broken down by the frost and thaw cycle, wind,and river flow. But that alone is just dirt. For a rich and beautiful landscape what matters is the organic component of your topsoil. Decaying organic matter, fungi, algae, bacteria, insects and worms are all vital for proper plant growth. Sterile Soil Will Yield a Sterile Landscape At Herman's we only offer 'Living Topsoil.' All of our topsoil is screened and aerated to insure proper organism growth and carefully handled to insure the survival off all beneficial flora and fauna.

Herman's now supplies Garden Soil. This soil contains 50% compost and 50% topsoil, making material that is high in nutrients while still maintaining a dense, hearty composition. This soil is screened together to ensure a proper mixture. This soil is great for vegetable gardens, or any area that requires a hearty soil with extra nutrients.
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